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In order to continue to bring you new and exciting patterns, designers require adequate compensation for the work currently available. If designs are stolen, copied or illegally shared, designers will no longer be able to work profitably. We need to be compensated and credited for our work in order to continue bring you great and original patterns in the future.

Is it ever OK to copy a Knitwhits design? The only time it is legal is to enlarge a pattern or chart for personal and nonprofit use (such as if you need to make it easier to read or you need to make notes).

  • It is not OK: To make a copy of a pattern for a friend. Ask him or her to buy the pattern instead. Knitwhits charted patterns are printed in full color with a high quality laser printer. This not only makes a nice pattern, but also makes the image safe from spills. The cost of a color copy will be higher and the quality poorer than the one your friend would purchase directly from us. Plus you will both have better karma!
  • It is not OK: To make a copy of a pattern when you own or operate a store. If you are making copies of Knitwhits patterns for customers, you are breaking the law. Not only that, you are ultimately hurting your own profit margin and reputation. Lastly, see above point regarding quality issues.
  • It is not OK: To post any Knitwhits pattern (yes, that means the free one too) on the Internet for use through chat groups or mailing lists. Knitwhits' designs are NOT in the public domain.
  • It is not OK: To sell items knit from a Knitwhits pattern. If you are interested in licensing a Knitwhits design for sale please contact us.
  • Knitwhits patterns possess pending or current U.S. Federal Copyright Registration. As a registered copyright owner, Knitwhits can recover damages plus infringer profits, attorneys’ fees, damages as determined by statute, and be granted an injunction. Damages can be awarded PER infraction. A lot of hard work goes into bringing you each new design. Please respect copyright laws.

    For more information on copyright, please visit any of these websites:
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    US Government Copyright Office
    (Not So) Brief Intro to Copyright